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Fire and Rescue Service

Strategies and Plans

Integrated risk management plan 

Every fire and rescue service in the UK is required to produce a plan setting out their proposals on how they will deliver improvements to reduce risks in their local area.

We have produced an integrated risk management plan for the next five years - published in April 2009, following a period of consultation.

The development of the plan was based on a collection of risk data and intelligence from various sources, e.g census data, demographics, property density, historic data on road traffic accidents, previous fires etc. 

To view our current plan for 2012 to 2015 please click here.

Business plan

The fire and rescue service business plan shows the approved budget allocation for 2011 to 2013 as well as details of our key business objectives.

Identified risks are shown next to the performance measures which will be used to achieve risk reduction.

We measure our own performance through a range of indicators against our strategic objectives. We set targets based, where possible, on five-year trend data and plan our activities to ensure we meet or exceed these targets. 

Our resources, both financial and in relation to people, are allocated to help us deliver these strategic objectives.

More information can be found in the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service Annual Report.

To view our business plan please Click here

Annual report

The fire and rescue service annual report is one of a new set of reports that are part of the council's revised performance management framework. This monitors how the council’s Corporate Plan 2009 to 2013 is delivered. These reports give an update on the council's statutory responsibilities so councillors can monitor their progress and delivery.

The annual report highlights achievements and reports on progress made. It also sets out the planned activities to be undertaken in the year ahead.

The annual report highlights areas where best practice has been applied, where efficiencies have been made and the difference work has made to areas of high risk and within communities in general.

To view our annual report please click here