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Children and Young Peoples Services

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Looked After Children

Our Responsibilities

Pledges to Children in Care

The Isle of Wight Council makes the following pledges to all children in care on the Island:

To try and find a warm, welcoming, friendly, safe and stable place where you can stay for as long as you need to and where you can have your favourite toys and possessions.

To help you stay in touch with your family and friends and visit them if possible even if they are off the Isle of Wight.

To reduce the number of social workers you will have to get to know and that you will have a social worker who you can trust, is easy to contact, will see you regularly and you can speak to in private.

That we will help you sort out any problems or worries you may have and support you with any issues concerning your background.

To take an interest in your health and to encourage you to be involved in sports, leisure activities and hobbies and to ensure you have an opportunity to go on holiday.

To support and guide you in making a positive start to your adult life by supporting you in your choices for employment, education and training and by ensuring that you have a safe and stable place of your own.

Children in Care and Care Leavers Charter

The Isle of Wight Council has a responsibility to ensure that young people in care and leaving our care. Please click here for the Charter of commitments.