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Funding Your Own Care

This web page contains a list of links to external providers who offer advice, information and useful tools on funding your own care. Please note that the providers listed on this page are in no way affiliated with the Isle of Wight Council unless specified. The council are not recommending any of these services; it is your responsibility to make checks on them before you use them.


PayingforCare - www.payingforcare.org

PayingforCare is a website full of information and tools to help individuals make more informed decisions about the arrangements and funding for their long-term care.

One of the tools available from PayingforCare is the PayingforCare Calculator. This calculator helps you to work out the average care home/nursing home fees based on some simple information. Click here for the more information and to use the calculator. Please note for the purposes of the calculator the Isle of Wight is based in the Southern Home Counties.


Find Me Good Care - www.findmegoodcare.co.uk

Find Me Good Care helps people to make choices about care and support for themselves or other adults in England.

Find Me Good Care can help you to think about what you really want out of care and support before you start looking for particular services.

It combines advice and information about choosing care with a comparable database of services. And it allows you to create your own Good Care Planner online so that you can save all the information that you find most useful in one place.


Unbiased.co.uk - www.unbiased.co.uk

Unbiased.co.uk is a free resource for people who are looking for legal and financial advice (eg, Independent Financial Advisors, Mortgage Advisors, etc) and is run by an independent not-for-profit body. The website includes helpful guides, tools, calculators and webcasts.