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Adult Safeguarding

Abuse Worries

It is not easy sometimes to accept that you are being abused, and it can be even more difficult to tell someone else. Sometimes this is because the person who is doing it is a close family member or a friend, and sometimes it is because you think people will laugh at you or ridicules you or it will affect how your community or friends think about you. It is often for these sorts of reasons that abuse goes unchallenged.

A number of key points to remember are these:

  • If someone receives care or support from Health Services or what we call structured care services (i.e. from a residential home or a domiciliary care agency) there are regulatory bodies established in law that can be expected to take action. This is true, even if you pay totally for your care
  • If you live in your home and do not receive care from a structured care service (whether you receive no care whatsoever or receive care through personalised services (e.g. Direct Payments) you are still entitled to protection through the safeguarding adults process