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To receive any of these services (excluding Meals on Wheels), we first have to be sure that you meet the Fair Access to Care Services (FACS). This is a national framework by the Department of Health to help councils decide who is eligible for services. The Council has a duty to provide services only to people who meet the criteria. The first step is to meet with a Social Care Practitioner to see if you are eligible. You can find out more information about eligibility either from the Department of Health please click here www.dh.gov.uk or via our First Response Team tel: 01983 814980.

On the Isle of Wight, services are given to people who meet the Category 1 (Critical) level of risk and Category 2 (Substantial) level of risk. People with moderate and low bands do not meet our eligibility criteria and so will not get a specific service, but we will still provide advice and information about other sources of help or ways of solving difficulties. Click here to see the Isle of Wight’s eligibility criteria.


When your Social Care Practitioner has been to see you and together you have made the decision that you require services from us to support you, the Social Care Practitioner will make a referral to the financial assessment team. The financial assessment team will then contact you to arrange a visit, where they will go through your finances. A decision will be made regarding the amount you will be required to contribute towards the cost of the services. They will also help you claim for any benefits you may be entitled to. Click here for more information about financial assessments.