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Adult Social Care

About Us

Aim of Adult Social Care

The Adult Social Care Service aims to promote people’s wellbeing and independence by supporting them to:

  • Live independently
  • Stay healthy and recover quickly from illness
  • Exercise maximum control over their own life and where appropriate, the lives of their family members
  • Participate as active and equal citizens both economically and socially
  • Have the best possible quality of life, irrespective of illness or disability
  • Retain maximum dignity and respect
  • Be safe from harm

We aim to achieve this by the person being fully involved in any decisions made about their life, including care and support they may need, how this might be delivered and by whom.

This approach is reinforced by the publication of the paper ‘A Vision for Adult Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens’ and the sector wide partnership agreement ‘Think Local, Act Personal’ both published in November 2010.

Who Do We Provide Support To?

We want to make sure that people have fair access to social care and support that they may need.  If you are finding it difficult to manage by yourself and you are over the age of 18, we may be able to support you and/or provide you with information and advice so that you can find your own solutions.

Care and support from Adult Social Care may be available to the following people, aged over 18 who have:

  • Frailty and Old Age
  • Mental health needs
  • Learning Disability
  • Physical Impairment
  • Problems with memory
  • HIV + Aids
  • Long term health conditions
  • Sensory impairment

We also support Carers who provide regular and substantial support to an adult, who may be a relative.

How We Support People Most In Need

As the demand for social care increases, so it becomes more important to allocate resources according to priority needs and we have to give priority to people who are at the greatest risk.  We do this by using ‘eligibility criteria’ to decide who has the greatest and immediate or longer term needs.  All local authorities use the same eligibility framework issued by the Department of Health Guidance on Eligibility Criteria for Adult Social Care, England 2012.

The Isle of Wight Council provides support for people who are assessed as having needs within the Critical and Substantial Risk Bands.  If your needs are moderate and low, we can still provide advice and information and signpost you to other organisations who may be able to help.

Following a decision that someone has an eligible need we will discuss with him or her the most appropriate way of meeting that need and whether or not it is necessary for the council to provide services to meet that need, as there may be other ways of meeting need such as training, learning or employment.

If you feel that you may need an assessment or support please contact the First Response Team on 01983 814980.