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Road Safety

In Car Safety

In Car Safety

Children are still being killed or seriously injured in road accidents because they are not properly restrained. You can best protect your children by putting them in a properly fitted child car seat which is appropriate for their weight and size.

The law says that all children up to 135cm tall (around 4'5"), or the age of 12, whichever comes first, in the front or rear seats in cars, vans and other goods vehicles must travel in the correct child restraint for their weight with very few exceptions.

Visit the links below to gain detailed information on the guidelines for child car restraints.

National Campaign and Information

The Governments Think! Road Safety website offers a wide range of advice relating to in car safety. Click here to visit this site.

A specially designed website which details all you need to know about in car safety has been designed in conjunction with Think! Road Safety. Click here to visit this site.

Additional web links:

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
RoSPA's Road Safety Department raises awareness about the causes of road accidents and promotes measures to help prevent them or reduce their severity. We provide information, education, training and publicity resources and services for road users and road safety professionals.

Driving Standards Agency
The Driving Standards Agency is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT) and is part of the Driver, Vehicle and Operator (DVO) group.
THINK! road safety website
News of our latest campaigns and road safety advice to keep everyone safer on the UK's roads