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Housing Enforcement

Service Description: Housing Enforcement: To investigate and act on requests in relation to housing conditions mainly in rented accommodation including Houses in Multiple Occupation. This may involve informal and formal action. Drainage Enforcement: To investigate and act on reports of drainage nuisances. This may involve informal and formal action. Knowing about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is vital for us all. You can't see, taste or smell the gas, but it is lethal. Accommodation Certificates- The aim of this service is to identify properties which fail to meet the fitness for habitation requirement and determine the most satisfactory course of action to be taken with that property. NOTE fitness has been replaced by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. House inspections for immigration visas are often undertaken under this service.

Also known as:- Drainage nuisance, Housing Enforcement, Housing Renewal, Immigration house inspection, Landlord and Tenant, Overcrowding

Your FAQ

Question: What signs should I look our for and what can Carbon Monoxide do to me?

Answer: • Gas flames that burn orange or yellow instead of blue.
• Sooty stains on or just above appliances.
• Solid fuel appliances that burn slowly or extinguish.

Carbon monoxide bonds with the haemoglobin in your blood and subsequently replaces the oxygen needed to
sustain your body’s functions. It can cause fatalities where a high dose of Carbon Monoxide is present, or can build up over a period of time causing symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, confusion, disorientation, fatigue, and chest pain. Symptoms can often be confused with influenza and sometimes depression.
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