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English National Concessionary Bus Fare Scheme

Service Description: Free bus travel throughout England.

Also known as:- Bus Pass, Concessionary Fares, Concessionary Travel, Disabled Bus Pass, Old Peoples Bus Pass, Over 60s Bus Pass, Replacement Bus Passes

Your FAQ

Question: My Bus pass is not registering on Southern Vectis card readers, is my pass faulty?

Answer: If the English National Concessionary Bus Pass was issued after 16th September 2012 it will not currently work on the Bus operator's readers as their systems require a software update. Keep your pass and it should start to work once the bus operators system is updated.

Additionally if the pass is no more than two months old you this will be replaced with no charge. However if your pass was issued prior to this date and is more than two months old you will need to pay £10 for a replacement.

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