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Housing Enforcement

Service Description: Housing Enforcement: To investigate and act on requests in relation to housing conditions mainly in rented accommodation including Houses in Multiple Occupation. This may involve informal and formal action. Drainage Enforcement: To investigate and act on reports of drainage nuisances. This may involve informal and formal action. Knowing about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is vital for us all. You can't see, taste or smell the gas, but it is lethal. Accommodation Certificates- The aim of this service is to identify properties which fail to meet the fitness for habitation requirement and determine the most satisfactory course of action to be taken with that property. NOTE fitness has been replaced by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. House inspections for immigration visas are often undertaken under this service.

Also known as:- Drainage nuisance, Housing Enforcement, Housing Renewal, Immigration house inspection, Landlord and Tenant, Overcrowding

Your FAQ

Question: What can I do to protect myself against Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

Answer: • Always ensure your appliances are regularly serviced by a qualified engineer (make sure they are CORGI registered if you have a gas appliance). This will reduce the chance of a carbon monoxide leak, but will not
eliminate it, as appliances can break down and chimneys become blocked between service dates.
• Ensure your home is properly ventilated; never block vents.
• Use professionals to service any other fossil-fuel burning appliances such as oil or coal burning stoves annually.
• Ensure all chimneys and flues are regularly swept and kept clean.
• Fix carbon monoxide detectors in your home; these can be purchased from most DIY-type stores. For added peace of mind, it is highly recommended that the carbon monoxide detector is BS EN50291 approved
and Kitemarked.
• Ensure that such detectors are installed, maintained and replaced according to packaging instructions.
• Be aware that high levels of carbon monoxide can be found in other buildings; for instance at this time of year you may be considering a holiday in the UK or abroad. While the responsibility to check safety lies with the owner of the holiday apartment and holiday operator, you may find it reassuring to pack a small (credit card-sized) carbon monoxide warning card, put it up, go out for an hour or two and check it on return. If the gas is present a small disc in the centre of the card turns grey, then black. The cards cost about £10 and last for a year – a small price to pay for the safety of you and your family.
• Carbon monoxide detectors are available in most hardware outlets and DIY type stores. - Related Link

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