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Local Land Charges

Service Description: The provision of official and personal searches, and searches of the Common Land and Village Green register.

Also known as:- Common Land, Commons Search, Land Charges, Land Searches, Legal Agreements - Copies, Local Searches, Official Search of the LLC Register, Personal Search, Property Searches, Searches (Land Charges), Section 52, Statutory Register (Common Land)

Your FAQ

Question: How do I obtain copies of documents that have been revealed on a search?

Answer: If you require a copy of a Local Land Charge document (ie. revealed in connection with the LLC1) please contact the relevant department shown under Inspection Address on the LLC1 schedule. NB. An additional fee may be payable.

If a copy of a Planning Decision Notice is required please contact 01983 823552 quoting the relevant Application Number (TCP...). NB. An additional fee may be payable.

If a copy of a Legal Agreement is required please contact the Local Land Charges department on 01983 823221 who can supply a copy for a fee of £16.00.

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