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Council Tax

Service Description: Council Tax is a tax on domestic property collected by your local council. The council tax provides approximately 20% of the council’s gross budget and is a vital element in raising revenue which contributes towards the provision of services to residents.

Also known as:- About Council Tax, Council Tax Discounts, Council Tax Exemptions, Council Tax Reductions, Holiday Homes, Reductions, Second Homes

Your FAQ

Question: How do I appeal the Council Tax bill I have been sent when the work to my new build has not been completed?

Answer: The property is considered to be substantially complete when, in the inspectors opinion, it will be ready for occupation within 3 months. An exemption of up to 6 months can be applied from the date of the completion notice. If you disagree that the property is substantially complete you should write to the Valuation Office within 28 days giving details of the reasons- this information is contained within the completion notice letter. - Related Link

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