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Public exhibition about the future of traffic routes between Ventnor and Niton


What: Public exhibition about the future of traffic routes between Ventnor and Niton
When: Tuesday 9 February to Friday 26 February (10am to 4pm daily)
Where: Ventnor Botanic Garden

A public exhibition is being organised by the Isle of Wight Council to inform people about the options being considered for the future of traffic routes between Ventnor and Niton. It will take place at Ventnor Botanic Garden between Tuesday 9 February and Friday 26 February. The exhibition is open between 10am and 4pm. The exhibition is unmanned although council officers and staff from the engineering company Halcrow will be on hand to answer questions at the exhibition on Tuesday 9 February. At other times, residents are invited to complete feedback froms with their views of the proposed options.

Find out more about the future of traffic routes between Ventnor and Niton

The traffic route between Ventnor and NitonThe exhibition will provide details of a study which is looking at the land stability issues along the existing Undercliff Drive and the suitability of alternative traffic routes inland. The study has considered a range of options for possible improvements. These include measures to repair and extend the life of Undercliff Drive along its current alignment as well as options for improving inland routes.

The exhibition will provide information on all the options considered and will explain which are preferred and achievable.

The study, undertaken by engineering consultants Halcrow in partnership with the council, is focussing on identifying realistic proposals which can be used by the council and will form the basis of a bid to central Government for the funding required to implement them.

The study has considered a range of options for improving the existing inland route between Ventnor and Niton including the possibility of providing new roads to bypass both Niton and Whitwell. Consideration has also been given to junction improvements within the built up areas and the exhibition will contain details of these proposals. Other options consider what can be done to extend the life of the existing route along Undercliff Drive.

Cllr Edward Giles, IW Cabinet member for environment and transport, said he hoped local residents would attend the exhibition. "Undercliff Drive, in common with other roads, has been the victim of the Island's geology over a long period of time. We need to take a fundamental look at the future of this transport route. We have to balance the needs of all those who use this stretch against the possibilities of future substantial movement and the amount of money that may be made available by the government to implement any solution. "We need to take a comprehensive look at all the options ruling no solution in or our out until we have all the necessary information on which to make a sound decision. Consultation with residents and relevant bodies is an important part of this process."

The exhibition will take place at the Botanic Gardens, Ventnor between Tuesday 9th February and Friday 26th February 2010. Exhibition displays can be viewed between 10:00am and 4pm on any day. In order to give local residents an opportunity to discuss the issues, officers from the council and Halcrow will be on hand between 10.00am and 4pm on Tuesday 9th February 2010, the exhibition will be unstaffed on the other days but visitors will be welcome to use the feedback forms which will be available throughout the period.

The exhibition material is also available to download via the links below from Monday 8th February. Any comments need to be returned by Friday 26th February.

For further information about the study, or for more details of the exhibition, please contact Chris Wells, Transport Policy Manager at the Isle of Wight Council on [email protected] or 01983 821000 Ext 5740.