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Each year Isle of Wight Council undertakes a budget consultation exercise with residents and stakeholder groups to help guide and inform the annual budget setting process.

This year the council conducted this consultation using three different methods of gathering feedback: the residents' survey (to give a robust quantifiable response from 1,106 representative telephone interviews), an online budget simulator (to encourage a wider cross-section of views) and a qualitative workshop with representatives from different resident groups and organisations (to provide more in-depth views).

The full findings of these three different consultation elements are featured separately below. The reports are included in full, including any free text and verbatim comments. No attempt has been made to alter these to correct any inaccuracies eg where issues are raised that the councilwould not, by law, be able to address or where views recorded contain reference to inaccurate statistics.

The findings of the report have formed a crucial part of the budget setting process and the response to these is summarised in the cabinet paper report of 9 February (published 1 February).