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Street Lighting

We are committed to making sure that all lighting columns and other illuminated street furniture does not pose a risk to the public. Our staff and our contractors, have a commitment to keep the Islands lights operational maintained effectively and efficiently.

Lighting up the Island

On the Island there are 12,000 highway lights and 2,500 illuminated signs and bollards, with an average life for a column between 30-40 years.
The Isle of Wight Council aims are to provide cost effective schemes, with the provision of safe highway lighting and illuminated traffic signs across the Island. Good quality Lighting helps reduce the number of road accidents and assist in the reduction crime, for the benefit of all.

How we work to ensure ‘your not left in the dark’!

The Council works to achieve a number of targets, which are designed to ensure the highways are clearly visible for both pedestrians and motorists.

These include targets that check all lights are working: –

  • Once a fortnight in the winter
  • And once a month in the summer
  • Repairing lights, signs and bollards within 5 working days of receiving a reported fault.
  • Underground electricity service faults are normally repaired within 30 working days
  • Each lighting unit is inspected and cleaned annually and columns are painted as required.

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