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Adverse weather - highways updates

In the event of adverse weather, this page will be updated with the latest highways information.

You can also get regular updates via our facebook and twitter feeds: www.facebook.com/isleofwightcouncil and www.twitter.com/iwight 

Monday 20 January

www.facebook.com/isleofwightcouncil and www.twitter.com/iwight  

No reported road closures

We would like to thank all the 4x4 drivers who have helped the council - and the emergency services - to deliver services across the Island during the adverse weather.

The Isle of Wight 4x4 Club www.iow4x4club.co.uk/  has assisted social care with transporting social care staff this morning and are on standby to assist further if required.
Local Resiliance Forum 4x4 Volunteers http://www3.hants.gov.uk/localresilienceforum  will be transporting social care staff this evening to make sure that staff can get to vulnerable people to provide support tonight.
Vectis 4x4 Response http://www.vectis4x4response.co.uk/  has been working throughout the day to transport social care staff by 4x4 to visit vulnerable clients in the community.

Information about gritting:

In relation to when we grit the roads, the council has a series of sensors built into roads which monitor the highways including things like levels of salt/grit on the roads. The sensors showed there was a high level of salt still on the treated roads last night. The council also receives detailed weather forecasts direct from the Met Office.

Just because a road is gritted, it does not mean it will be free of ice/snow and the advice is always to drive carefully in icy conditions, even on treated routes and ensure you car is clear of ice and snow before setting off.

You can see which roads we treat at http://www.iwight.com/council/departments/engineering_services/highways_waste/Highways_Maintenance/Winter_Maintenance/Where_We_Salt/default.asp

The council has a fleet of six gritters on standby to treat the Island's road network
The council has a fleet of six gritters on standby to treat the Island's road network
  • At the start of winter, the council had 1,500 tonnes of salt in storage at its depot in Newport.
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