28 Jun 2012 Last updated at 00:00

Festival volunteers thanked

Voluntary organisations who assisted transport plans during the weekend’s festival have been thanked by the Isle of Wight Council and police.

The Vectis 4 X 4 Response, Maritime Volunteer Service and Raynet all joined in the operation to get festival traffic away from the event avoiding the congestion issues experienced on roads to and from the site on Thursday and Friday.

Vectis 4 X 4 co-ordinated 90 off-road vehicles to help traffic off the camp sites while the Maritime Volunteer Service and Raynet volunteers provided a network of traffic ‘spotters’ to monitor vehicle movements at key locations and report back this real-time information to the emergency management team at the festival.

Stuart Love, the council’s director of economy and the environment, said: "We have written to all the groups involved but I would really like to publicly thank them for their assistance.

'Invaluable contribution'

“Though volunteer organisations, they all acted with extreme professionalism and made an invaluable contribution to the successful operation to get festival traffic away from the site with minimal disruption.

“We are indeed fortunate to be able to call on such a large number of volunteers in the knowledge that they will rise to the task when required. Theirs was a fantastic contribution and one for which we – and I am sure festival goers and residents – are very grateful."

Chief Inspector Nick Heelan, said: “Combined community efforts ensured the exit of motorists and pedestrians from the festival was as safe and swift as practical in challenging conditions. Working with the council, event organisers and transport companies, we formulated a plan to keep traffic moving on the Island's roads on Monday. Volunteers played a crucial role with their specific expertise and experience for which we have the utmost appreciation. Hampshire Constabulary is committed to close co-operation with volunteers at times of adverse weather so the community makes the most of its resources.”

Isle of Wight Festival 2012
Isle of Wight Festival 2012
  • The Isle of Wight Festival changed from its usual weekend slot in June to avoid clashing with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
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